Business Hosting (3)

Business Hosting For Businesses & E-Commerce Solutions

Dedicated Servers (5)

High performance dedicated servers Deployed in hours, backed up by premium support.

Virtual Private Server (9)

With VPS hosting, you get the security of a dedicated server combined with the affordability of shared hosting.

Web Hosting (8)

Shared Web Hosting For Personal Use & Smaller Projects

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 What is shared or web hosting?

Web hosting (also known as shared web hosting or virtual hosting) is, in its simplest terms,...

 Is my VPS secure from other VPS installations on the server?

Yes. Your VPS will operate independently of other VPS installations. That means that each one has...

 What does root access mean?

Root access means that you are king or queen of the castle. Like managing a dedicated server, you...

 What is the difference between a self-managed and managed VPS?

As the name implies, a self-managed VPS is largely under your supervision without much assistance...

 Why choose a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is, as its name implies, a server dedicated just for your needs and websites....

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