Connections Dynamic’s E-Commerce business hosting is aimed at business and higher-end users. Just like a business-class airline seat has more space and luxuries, our business-class web hosting is designed for busier websites that demand more resources.

E-Commerce business hosting solutions are perfect for those who are looking for a more responsive hosting package. Ideal for businesses, online shop, and larger websites. Our E-Commerce business hosting will allow you to create websites that engages fully with your audience, while also giving you the security and protection that you expect. All this with priority support included. 

E-Commerce Ready Options

Use Magento? OpenCart? ZenCart? CubeCart? We support all of the major shopping carts and our servers are specifically tuned for e-commerce websites. We understand the nature of these applications and that they demand more resources. So we tweak PHP / MySQL and install extra RAM in our eCommerce servers.

Web Hosting For Business

With our business optimized web servers you can enjoy more space on web servers as each server only hosts 50-100 accounts. Perfect for business or larger websites that demand more resources.

Business Class Support

We provide extra features to help you get started online. These include a free Merchant Account and a free SSL certificate with selected ecommerce hosting plans. We also include our CloudFlare and CodeGuard apps, available through cPanel, to optimize and secure your website.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ecommerce hosting is supported by our 45 day money back guarantee. This means that, in the unlikely event you are unhappy with our service, you can get a full refund within 45 days of signing up. So why not try us risk free today?

  • Business Hosting Plans

  • Bandwidth per monthBandwidth per month
  • Amount of Disk SpaceAmount of Disk Space
  • Email Accountsyourname@yourdomain.comEmail Accounts
  • Add-On Domains"Muliple Websites"Add-On Domains
  • Sub Domainsi.e. www.addon.yourdomain.comSub Domains
  • cPanel Control Panel

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    cPanel Control Panel


  • Monthly PlanBilled Once A MonthMonthly Plan
  • Quarterly PlanBilled Every 3 MonthsQuarterly Plan
  • Semi Annual PlanBilled Every 6 MonthsSemi Annual Plan
  • Annual PlanBilled Once A YearAnnual Plan
  • Biz Lite

  • $9.95*

    per month
    *Annual Billing Plan Price

  • Bandwidth per monthUnlimited
  • Amount of Disk Space100GB
  • Email Accounts100
  • Add-On Domains10
  • Sub Domains15
  • cPanel Control Panelyes

    Biz Lite

  • Monthly Plan$14.95/month
  • Quarterly Plan$38.85/quarterly,($12.95/month)
  • Semi Annual Plan$65.70/semi annual, ($10.95/month)
  • Annual Plan$119.40/annually, ($9.95/month)
  • Biz Standard

  • $14.95*

    per month
    *Annual Billing Plan Price

  • Bandwidth per monthUnlimited
  • Amount of Disk Space200GB
  • Email Accounts2000
  • Add-On Domains25
  • Sub Domains35
  • cPanel Control Panelyes

    Biz Standard

  • Monthly Plan$19.95/month
  • Quarterly Plan$53.85/quarterly,($17.95/month)
  • Semi Annual Plan$95.70/semi annual, ($15.95/month)
  • Annual Plan$179.40/annually, ($14.95/month)
  • Biz Advanced

  • $19.95*

    per month
    *Annual Billing Plan Price

  • Bandwidth per monthUnlimited
  • Amount of Disk Space300GB
  • Email Accounts4000
  • Add-On Domains50
  • Sub Domains50
  • cPanel Control Panelyes

    Biz Advanced

  • Monthly Plan$24.95/month
  • Quarterly Plan$68.85/quarterly,($22.95/month)
  • Semi Annual Plan$125.70/semi annual, ($20.95/month)
  • Annual Plan$239.40/annually, ($19.95/month)
  • Biz Premium

  • $24.95*

    per month
    *Annual Billing Plan Price

  • Bandwidth per monthUnlimited
  • Amount of Disk Space400GB
  • Email Accounts8000
  • Add-On DomainsUnlimited
  • Sub DomainsUnlimited
  • cPanel Control Panelyes

    Biz Premium

  • Monthly Plan$29.95/month
  • Quarterly Plan$83.85/quarterly,($27.95/month)
  • Semi Annual Plan$155.70/semi annual, ($25.95/month)
  • Annual Plan$299.40/annually, ($24.95/month)

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