What is shared or web hosting?

Web hosting (also known as shared web hosting or virtual hosting) is, in its simplest terms, space on our web servers for your website. Our web hosting plans allocate you a set amount of resources such as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and hosted domains. The web space supplies the storage for your website files while the bandwidth is used each time someone visits your website. In addition to these basic features, Connections Dynamic offers a lot of additional options such as e-commerce support, cPanel control panel and the ability to install SSL certificates.

Our web hosting plans are aimed at home users and small businesses alike.

Can I host multiple domains/websites on my hosting account?

Our Advanced and Premium web hosting plans come with the option of addon domains. This means yes, you can host multiple domains / websites under one account.

Can I run my own online shop? Do you provide shopping cart software?

Yes, you can. All of our web hosting plans are e-commerce compliant and we support 99% of the shopping carts on the market today. We also have 1-Click installers for Magento and ZenCart shopping carts direct from our control panel.

Do you provide domain registration?

At this time, we do not provide domain registration. Many of our web hosting plans come with 1 or more free domains but for standalone domain registration, we process orders through our site using Netfirms.com

Can I host any type of domain? Ex. I Want a .tv domain.

Yes, you may host any domain extension you like.

Should I pick a web host in the same country that I am in?

For most sites, it doesn’t matter. As long as you choose a good host with good connections to Internet backbones, your site will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Can you transfer my site from my current web host?

If your current host uses cPanel, we will transfer your account for you.

I already have a domain name. Can it be moved to your hosting?

Sure. Just point it to the nameservers for your new web hosting account here.

What other 1-click installers do you offer?

We provide access to the installation of a wide variety of scripts, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Tiki Wiki, phpBB, SMF, Coppermine gallery, MediaWiki, and many others.

Is there an additional charge for Google Apps integration?

There is no charge from us, and Google offers a basic free plan for a limited number of users. See the Google Apps documentation for more information.

Is your control panel easy to use?

We rely on cPanel to afford you the easiest yet most robust control panel on the market. Whether you simply need to add a new FTP user or edit your email DNS records, you can do it all from your control panel. Click here (username & password: demo) and test it out yourself!

Can you describe the quality of hardware that you use to host websites?

We only use server-quality hardware in our web servers. Depending on your hosting plan, they feature dual-core or 8-core Intel Xeon processors, 4 to 16 GB of RAM, and 1 TB RAID hard drives.

Is There A Set Up Fee For Starting A Website?

Only on our Lite Web Hosting & Standard Web Hosting monthly plans. All other plans do not have a set up fee & all plans come with a free domain name.

What languages do you support in your control panel?

Our cPanel installation is available in a wide range of languages, including Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

What is shared hosting?

Our web hosting plans use name-based virtual hosting, meaning that multiple user accounts may share an IP address. This helps reduce the unnecessary exhaustion of available IP addresses. If you need a dedicated IP address, you can obtain one for $40 a year. A dedicated IP is required for SSL.

Can I install my own content management system?

Yes, you may freely install a supported content management system or even develop your own. Alternatively, we provide 1-click installation of many popular CMS scripts in our control panels.


What Is Business Web Hosting?

Business web hosting is aimed at business and higher-end users. Just like a business-class airline seat has more space and luxuries, our business-class web hosting is designed for busier websites that demand more resources. Our business web hosting customers also receive priority support.

Why Business Web Hosting Instead Of Virtual Private Servers?

Business web hosting is an alternative to a Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting). VPS hosting requires some degree of technical knowledge as you are given full root access. If you are less tech savvy and prefer to leave root access to us, while still getting the benefits of additional CPU and Memory resources, business web hosting is a sensible choice.

Why Is Business Web Hosting More Expensive?

Business web hosting is more expensive because we setup fewer accounts per server. On average, business web hosting servers have approximately 100 accounts per server, compared to 300-500 on our web hosting servers (note, many of our competitors overload their servers with 1000-2000 accounts per server).

Fewer accounts per server means more resources per account along with higher reliability (99.99% uptime instead of 99.9% on shared) and faster performance.

Business web hosting also comes with priority support.


What is Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server is a new breed of hosting that gives you the features and functionality of a dedicated server but at a much lower price point. A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, account will be created on one physical server along with a number of other VPS accounts. However, the physical server will be running special virtualization technology (in our case, OpenVZ or Xen) that separates the hardware and software. This allows each VPS to get full root access and be setup, customized and run independently of the physical hardware. You can even reboot your VPS!

Is VPS hosting for me?

If you are a web designer, a small web hosting company, a small/medium sized business or an advanced user who needs root access then chances are the answer is yes. A virtual private server (VPS) is a step up from a regular shared web hosting account. Resources are isolated so you are at far lower risk of someone else on the server causing you problem. You’ve got a lot of room to grow and can scale up and down our VPS plan quickly and easily, create your own reseller hosting accounts, setup and tweak Apache/PHP/MySQL and other services and enjoy all the benefits usually associated with a dedicated server at a much cheaper price point.

Our VPS hosting is fast, affordable and a good solution for many different needs.

Which VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server plan should I choose?

As you can see, we offer a range of VPS options on both Xen and OpenVZ. Our Mini level plan, as the name suggests, is our entry-level package and designed for those with smaller requirements. Our Silver and Gold VPS plans are our most popular and support cPanel. Platinum Virtual Private Server offers the most disk space, bandwidth and memory resources out of any of our VPS plans so is ideal for the power user.

Do I need a control panel like cPanel on my VPS?

We strongly recommend you to choose cPanel for your VPS. cPanel includes WebHostManager which is a browser based interface used for managing many aspects of your Virtual Private Server. This makes it quicker and easy to create/modify/delete accounts, upgrade the software, view the current load of your VPS server and generally make life easier.

cPanel is well known as the world’s most popular control panel software.

What are the benefits of Virtual Private Servers/VPS Hosting?

  • A quick summary of the benefits of VPS hosting is:
  • Full root access
  • Choice of Operating Systems
  • Fully customize and choose your software
  • Isolated and guaranteed resources (meaning no other user can impact on the VPS performance)
  • Room to grow and easy upgradeability

How many websites can I host on a Virtual Private Server?

There isn’t a firm answer to this question. It depends on the size/popularity of your website, how efficient the website is and the type of software the website uses. You can, however, easily see the current performance of your VPS using WebHostManager and if you see performance slowing or the available resources drying up, you can upgrade to the next level at any time. Just get in touch with our support team and they’ll perform the upgrade with the minimal downtime.

Should I look for cheap VPS hosting? What is the benefit of a more expensive solution?

Like with any type of web hosting, you definitely get what you pay for. There are many cheap VPS hosts out there who offer unrealistically cheap Virtual Private Servers on inferior technology, slower hardware and outdated software. The support they provide is questionable and you will generally face far more problems choosing one of the very cheap providers.

Connections Dynamic VPS plans offer the perfect mix of affordability, performance, reliability and support. We are confident you will not find a better value VPS provider anywhere.

The software I use requires a dedicated server. Will it work on a VPS?

In most cases, the answer is yes. A VPS essentially operates the same as a stand-alone server. As long as your VPS meets the CPU, memory, and other system requirements of the software, you should not have a problem.

What is the difference between a self-managed and managed VPS?

As the name implies, a self-managed VPS is largely under your supervision without much assistance from anyone else. It is your responsibility to maintain security and general maintenance of your virtual private server. A managed VPS from Connections Dynamic provides you with a number of support benefits and helps you greatly with server management responsibilities.

Do I really need a control panel like cPanel or Webmin?

A control panel is not required to manage a VPS in general, but it does make management significantly easier and less time consuming.

What is Guarantees RAM vs. Burstable RAM?

Guaranteed RAM means that you will never have less than the guaranteed amount of memory available to you. If that amount is 1 GB, you will not ever have less than that, even if the server load is high for your VPS neighbors. Burstable RAM refers to additional memory that may be available to you, should the need arise. For example, if you exceed your guaranteed 1 GB, you may have up to 3GB of RAM at your disposal for short “bursts” of time, provided the system resources are available to accommodate it.

What does root access mean?

Root access means that you are king or queen of the castle. Like managing a dedicated server, you are the system administrator of your VPS. The Root user is the user with the highest level of permissions on a Linux or Unix server.

Is my VPS secure from other VPS installations on the server?

Yes. Your VPS will operate independently of other VPS installations. That means that each one has its own security, and it is not possible for a security breach in one to affect the others.

Which operating system should I choose?

That is entirely dependent on your preferences. Some users find certain Linux distributions to be more user-friendly than others. Some provide unique software packages that may be important to you. Moreover, the security methods employed in each operating system may vary.

Can I install additional software?

Yes, as long as the software complies with our acceptable use policy, you may install it on your VPS.

Why choose a VPS over a full dedicated server?

For starters, a dedicated server is more expensive. Also, dedicated servers require more maintenance, especially unmanaged servers. Most importantly, if you are considering a VPS, it is likely that your website or websites have not grown to the point where a dedicated server is necessary.


Why choose a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is, as its name implies, a server dedicated just for your needs and websites. You get a full physical server, managed by our technical team, to host your online project. The server can be fully customized at both hardware and software level to meet any specific requirements you have.

What are my Dedicated Server setup options?

Connections Dynamic offers a wide range of hardware specifications with a choice of CPU (Processor), RAM (Memory) and Hard Drives (Storage). We also offer a range of Operating Systems including most flavors of Linux, BSD and Windows.

What are my payment options?

We accept payments from all major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal

Who manages my server?

We offer a range of management options from self-management up to VIP fully managed. We recommend you choose managed or VIP managed if you want us to support all aspects of running your server.

What are the benefits of a dedicated server?

Unlike any other hosting plan, you are totally in charge.

You may specify what hardware you need, you may install any software you like. Since the server is yours to do with as you like, you may host high traffic, high intensity sites that would not be permitted on other hosting plans.

What support is provided?

You choose the level of support that you want. If you are knowledgeable and capable, you may want self-managed, or we can provide VIP fully managed support or various options in between those two extremes.

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